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INFORMATION EXPRESS provides full-service document delivery to all industries. Our sources and collections include extensive coverage in the areas of science, technology, medicine, business, and management.

How to Sign Up
To set up your account, call Service Quality at 1-650-812-3588.

How to Order
To order any article from Information Express, simply supply the minimum bibliographic information required to identify the article. Order articles by any of several convenient methods:

  • WWW: Select articles from our database of more than 17,000 journals or enter your own citations: http://www.ieonline.com
  • REGULAR ORDER FAX: 1-650-812-3570
  • RUSH ORDER FAX: 1-650-812-3575
  • EMAIL: Send to [email protected]
  • TELEPHONE ORDERS: 1-650-812-3588
  • INTERNET: File format specifications available: [email protected]
  • MAIL: Use marked copies of bibliographies, computer printouts, or any other reference information, or use Information Express forms provided free of c harge upon request. Send mail orders to: Information Express, 565 Middlefield Road, 2nd Floor, Menlo Park, CA 94025-3443.

Sources and Collections
Information Express draws from four source categories:

  • Our HOLDINGS LIST includes core titles in business, science, technology, and medicine. All items on this list are sent out in one day.
  • CALIFORNIA SOURCES include Stanford University libraries and the University of California library system. Up to 80% of articles located at these sources are sent out within 24 hours. 90% are sent out within 48 hours.
  • SPECIAL SOURCES include the Linda Hall Library, the National Library of Medicine, and the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information.
  • OUTSIDE SOURCES include corporate and international libraries, authors, publishers, associations, and other vendors.

Rush Service and Book Loans
Rush service is available from all of our sources and provides 2-48 hour delivery or notification of status. Rush articles are shipped as requested, or can be faxed for a reasonable fee.

Book Loans are available from our California and other academic sources. Charges include loan rate and any additional charges incurred from the lending library. Book loans are available only to qualified libraries. When the lending library permits, Information Express will renew books for its clients. Renewal terms vary from library to library.

Each request received at Information Express is labeled with a unique barcode, consisting of a three-digit client code and a transaction number. With every change of location or status, requests are scanned into our database so we can quickly inform you of the exact progress of your orders should you have any questions. To preserve confidentiality, client names are not used on requests.

Each package you receive from Information Express includes a packing slip listing all the articles included and the date the package was sent. Regular orders are sent via First Class mail. Special shipping is available for both rushes and regular orders upon request. All shipping is charged back.

Status Reports
Individual and institutional online status reports are updated three times a day on the IE web site. Institutional status reports are available only to designated administrators. Paper status reports are sent every two weeks with your invoice. These reports itemize outstanding requests received ten days or more prior to the report date. For your convenience, the status reports may be structured to complement your own tracking system. Your status reports may be sorted by any of the following categories: journal title, requester name, requester number, or department number.

Information Express provides a variety of customized billing formats designed to suit your individual tracking and accounting requirements. Examples of formates include: sorting by requester name or requester number, sorting and subtotaling by requester name or packing slip number, and sorting by journal title. Other formats are available.

For Additional Information
Call Service Quality at 1-650-812-3588, or send your e-mail to [email protected]


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